Payment security is the most important thing

And we are proud of that.

We know that functionality and easiness of use of our platform is not all. That's why designing the system we took security issues with highest priority. If there would be a NCAP organization equivalent in payments world, our system would surely get five stars! There are few reasons for that:

PCI DSS Level 1

Before we started with Espago payments platform we went through a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) audit, which is a international security standard for payment cards. PCI DSS specialists, which monitored Espagoʼs work showed that our solutions minimize the risk with cards handling

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With care of the highest possible security standards we cooperate with one of world's largest Acquirer. Thanks to that you can be sure that every payment is additionally checked by the international anti-fraud system.

SSL Secure

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a method of data encryption that provides confidentiality and integrity of data. SSL secures the communication between the user and web sites that support transactions and user data loggers. Full security is the result of the application of asymmetric cryptography, so the client can be sure that no unauthorized sniff or modify the data sent by him. In addition, the green bar and padlock in the browser address bar ensures that the connection is established with the correct side.

Title of Innovation Leader 2012

We were awarded with the annual Marketʼs Innovation Leader title - quality, creativity, eloquence. It's a Polish promotion program organized by 'The Economy Zone' - addition to the Daily Law Magazine. The title is given to companies for their highest standards of products, services, implemented managing or customer care standards.

Feel safe.

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